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We, at Turkish Translation Services, provide first class translation services to companies throughout the world. Our expertise, mainly covering translation of legal, financial and technical texts into and from Turkish, extends to more than 10 different industries.

Our most appropriate team of professional sworn translators, meticulous proofreaders and demanding editors is assigned to every translation; thus enabling us to guarantee timely delivery and excellent of language services in our areas of expertise.

energy industry translations

Turkish Translation Agency works with a diverse range of international companies servicing the sectors of the oil & gas industry.

turkish translation services fo manufacturing

At Turkish Translation Agency, our translators working in this field are specifically recruited because of their deep knowledge of industrial manufacturing.

IT sector turkish translation

Turkish Translation Agency has deep experience in translations of mobile and web apps, websites, marketing materials, product documentations.

banking and finance turkish translation

Translators working on banking documents must have specialized knowledge in finance and banking procedures. Turkish Translation Agency always meet customer satisfaction on translations for banking and finance.

legal turkish translations

Turkish translation services for legal documents must only be done by professional translators with deep knowledge of the laws of the source and target countries.

construction turkish translations

As Turkish Translation Agency, we have proven our expertise and our robust understanding of the construction sector in many different types construction projects. 

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