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Translation Procedure

Could you specify the main steps of a translation project?

Our translation process conforms to the Turkish and the European Union DIN EN 15038 norm.
We, at Turkish Translation Agency, start working before a text arrives, and continue working even after it has been delivered. A team of expert translators, proofreaders and editors, best suited to the particular requirements of the text, is assembled for each task.
In order for our translations to be faithful to original documents, our translators translate only into their native languages. We work only with proficient language professionals, field experts and project managers in order to timely deliver the most faithful translations for the most complicated needs.
After an assignment is delivered, our project managers in consultation with our clients, update client and industry specific databases in order to guarantee consistency and quality.

Will you be able to maintain the style and formatting of the texts to be translated?

Of course! Our translators translate directly into the source document; and, we are generally able to maintain the style and formatting of your document. This involves any tables, text boxes, footnotes, etc. that your document may include. Our translators are not only premium language specialists but also are highly competent in MS Office and other applications. Therefore, we can also translate directly into spreadsheets, presentation documents, and, of course, into almost all word processing applications available. If you have any special formatting needs, you can consult our professional editors who are also responsible for formatting according to your requirements.

How long is the translation process?

This depends on the length of the document, the content and complexity of the text, and the formatting needs. We are generally able to translate approximately 2500 words per working day, including in-house proofreading and editing time. We can assemble a team to speed-up the process for larger projects.

How can I assist the translation process?

Please be precise and clear about your needs at the beginning and provide reasonable deadlines. Translation is not just "typing in another language"; it is an art, generally requiring comprehensive research. It is also important to provide the translator with sufficient time in order to deliver a product of high quality. If you can provide glossaries of terms, previously translated documents or background information regarding your company / products, you can help shorten the time required to complete the process.

I need an urgent translation. Can you help?

Yes. We have the resources to respond your urgent requests. Please tell us your time-frame limitations and we will endeavor to match our service. Please keep in mind that when a project is very urgent, it requires us to postpone other work and therefore your project may be subject to rush-rates.

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