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Turkish Translation Services in Construction Industry

Turkish Translation Services in Construction Industry

​Turkey Construction Industry is one of the major Turkey Industries. The growth of the Construction Industry in Turkey has resulted from several factors including an expanding market, favorable economic policies and easy availability of labor.

The Construction Industry in Turkey has developed more due to active participation of the private sector. Moreover it is the private sector that has achieved more benefits than the public sector. Turkey Construction Industry is a driving force in the economic uplift of the country.

Turkey Construction Industry employs a huge number of people. It provides support to various sub-sectors like the production of building materials and others which in turn earn benefits from the export market


The most important Construction Companies of Turkey are located in Istanbul and Ankara. Some of them like ENKA Construction & Industry Co. Inc., which is our customer for long years, are old and date back to 1957 while some like GAMA Industrial Plants Manufacturing & Erection Inc are comparatively young.

Some of the famous Construction Companies of Turkey are Nurol Construction Co., STFA Group Co., Yapi Merkezi Construction & Industry Inc., Soyak Co., Dogus Construction & Trading Co., Baytur Construction & Contracting Co., Limak Construction Industry & Trade Inc., TML Construction Co.,etc.


The Construction Industry of Turkey is involved in the building of both private and public constructions. Bridges, roads, industrial facilities, docks, shipyards, power plants, refineries, water treatment systems and many other such constructions are done by the Construction Companies of Turkey.

Turkey Construction Industry has also expanded to provide their services outside Turkey. Many of the Construction Companies have reached to other parts of the world from their base in Turkey.


Construction related translation - to do it well requires a good technical understanding of a highly specialized industry. So why do our clients trust us with their most important construction related translations?

The key to the most accurate construction related translation is using the right translators. At Turkish Translation Services we've excelled at construction related translations for years and we've got translator selection down to a fine art.

Construction related translation can cover everything from mechanical instructions and equipment manuals, to marketing information about new buildings to be released on sale. Industry-specific terminology is a given so it's important to select professional translators who have experience of translating in the relevant field.

Some documents we translate in this field include:


Turkish Translation of Certificates of Completion

Turkish Translation of Construction Contracts

Turkish Translation of Building Licences

Turkish Translation of Bid Documents

Turkish Translation of Bidding Dossiers

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