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Turkish Translation Services in Banking

Turkish Translation Services in Banking

When all the major economies of the world were reeling under the pressure of financial crisis, the banking industry in Turkey continued its grow track in 2009 as well as 2010 and 2011. Foreign participation also increased during the same period. Besides, Turkey has shown a substantial progress in the banking sector during the past few years. The share of loans in banking industry assets has been growing every year. With the declining interest rate, banks have been rearranging their assets from the financing of the government debt to provide loans to consumers and businesses.

Turkish banks have significantly intensified their lending activity during the past few years. Credit provided to the corporate segment contributes the majority of bank loans. However, personal loans are also experiencing rapid expansion on account of changing consumption pattern (relying more on credit purchase) and continuous expansion of banking services into retail segment.

In the coming years, the pace of growth in credit volume will be dependent on the development in the international markets and therefore, on banks' liquidity preferences. At the domestic front, retail consumers will continue to drive the credit disbursal and interest-based income of banks in coming years.

Turkish banks have not only seen growth in lending activities, but have also witnessed reckonable growth in the deposits on the system due to rising consumer confidence. With rapid expansion in household and corporate sector deposits, the country is expected to witness a thriving influx of deposits during the upcoming years. Time and saving deposits will account for majority of the growth.

Turkish Translation Services specializes in the translation of financial documentation for major banks, brokerage houses, accounting firms and other financial institutions throughout the world and especially in Turkey. We recognize the importance of delivering high-quality and timely translations to our clients in the financial field. For these clients, we use only those translators, editors and proofreaders who have a strong background in an applicable field of finance or banking.


Some of the documents we translate include: Annual Reports, Bond And Equity Research, Corporate Minutes, Distribution And Underwriting Agreements, Financial Statements, Futures Contracts, Initial Public Offerings, Insurance Policies And Claims, Investment Proposals, Investor Updates, Litigation Mergers and Acquisitions, Prospectuses, Shareholders' Agreements, Financial accounting.

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