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turkish translation confidentiality

Confidentiality in Turkish Translation Services

We understand the importance of treating proprietary information as CONFIDENTIAL.

Positive Translation Services, upon your request, will sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the document to be translated.

All documents are kept in a secure environment. Our server is located in New York and located in the same building used by all the main banks, protected against bomb, flood and fire.

We never release any proprietary information to any person or entity that is not bound by our non-disclosure agreement.

We always return hard copy original documents to the client, or destroy such documents as appropriate.

Confidentiality agreements are signed with all of our translators as a standard employment requirement.

Relevant parties (or any other requested information) are deleted in legal documents in order to increase security.

Where necessary, we will assign premium international package delivery services to deliver your printed, certified, notarized Turkish translations.

We are happy to satisfy your confidentiality needs and ready to take any other measures that you propose!

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