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Turkish Translation Services in the Field of Law

Turkish Translation Services in the Field of Law

The 1982 Constitution proclaimed the independence of the national courts and the judges. Turkey has a unified legal system of civil and military courts, each with a Court of Appeal sitting in Ankara. The Constitutional Court reviews the constitutionality of laws and decrees with the force of law, as well as the Rules of Procedure of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Its decisions are published immediately in the Official Gazette and are binding for all, including the legislative and executive powers. The judges are appointed by the president. The High Court of Appeals is the last instance for reviewing decisions and judgements given by courts of justice. The judges are elected by the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors. The Council of State is the highest administrative tribunal. Three-fourths of the judges are appointed by the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors and one-fourth by the President. The 1982 constitution stipulated the establishment of Courts for Security of the State to deal with offences against Turkey's national and territorial integrity, democratic order, offences against the internal and external security of the state, etc. In addition, there are many lesser civilian and military courts.

Legal Translation Services are available from Turkish Translation Services from or to Turkish and other languages. Our premium translation services are intended to give an accurate understanding of legal documents and contracts.

All of our legal translators are tested, trained professionals with at least 15 years of legal translation experience.

All translators working on legal documents will be suitably qualified in the required area, such as law of contracts, law of employment or any other discipline if required.

We are able to offer certified legal translation in 6 widely spoken languages whatever your requirements may be.

Rest assured that when you start dealing with Turkish Translation Services you will receive the very best in service. We don't charge extra for proofreading, this is always included in the base price.

Some legal documents we translate include:


•          Turkish Translation of Power of Attorneys

•          Turkish Translation of Contracts

•          Turkish Translation of Agreements

•          Turkish Translation of Proxies

•          Turkish Translation of Letter of Undertakings

•          Turkish Translation of Letter of Consents

•          Turkish Translation of Trusts

•          Turkish Translation of Wills

•          Turkish Translation of Depositions

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