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Turkish Translation of Employment Agreements

Turkish Translation of Employment Agreements

A business form called an employment agreement which an employer agrees to employ an employee and outlines the employees duties, duration of employment, compensation, nondisclosure agreement and option to terminate.

We have extensive experience in translation of employment agreement. This expertise means that the translator assigned to translating your contract will use only the most appropriate business terminology based on his / her legal knowledge required to translate into the target language. Translators working for Turkish Translation Services have in-depth experience with different types of business organizations and have competence in the language of business contracts. In order to expand their limits of business translation capabilities, they are specialized in economics and international commerce, and they follow developments in their fields in order to keep up-to-date.

Turkish Translation Services is a professional translation agency having an extensive understanding with respect to the need to stick to tight deadlines. We are aware of the fact that it can sometimes be essential for the growth of your business to have an employment agreement translated on such short notice. Therefore, as we receive your quote, we will get back to you in an hour at most, and provide you with information on the exact time and conditions for the completion of the translation of your employment agreement. Then, you can be assured that we will deliver your contract by its guaranteed deadline.

We, at Turkish Translation Services, are deeply experienced and fast in delivering high quality business translation services.

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