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Turkish Translations of Installation Guides

Installation guides provide documentation for the installation process.

Area of concern of installation guide translation involves technical writing (owner's manuals, user guides, etc.), or particularly, texts containing extensive terminology. Essence of translation of installation guides is also a creative technical writing style rather than a reproductive transfer process. It involves the translation of a range of specialized text types, which requires a comprehensive knowledge of the subject and competence in the relevant terminology. To deal with  technical texts in installation guides, our technical translators have competence in text structure of both source and target languages, which would enable them to be technical writers, in addition to knowledge of subject and terminology.

Turkish Translations of Installation Guides

For us, style is important in translation of installation guides. Editors working for Turkish Translation Services cooperate with our translators to express the translated text in a clear, simple and concise manner. Our editors and translators cooperate to transfer all the essential facts clearly from the source to the target text.

Our installation guide translation expertise is deep and comprehensive, and the list of language combinations handled by us is even longer and more diverse, however; one factor is the same in all technical translation tasks: professionalism.

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