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Turkish Translations of Financial Forecasts

A financial forecast is an estimate of future financial outcomes for a company or country (for futures and currency markets). Using historical internal accounting and sales data, in addition to external market and economic indicators, a financial forecast is an economist's best guess of what will happen to a company in financial terms over a given time period—which is usually one year.​

Arguably, the most difficult aspect of preparing a financial forecast is predicting revenue. Future costs can be estimated by using historical accounting data; variable costs are also a function of sales.​

Unlike a financial plan or a budget a financial forecast doesn't have to be used as a planning document. Outside analysts can use a financial forecast to estimate a company's success in the coming year.

Turkish Translations of Financial Forecasts

Our premium translation services are intended to give an accurate understanding of financial documents and financial forecasts.

All of our financial translators are tested, trained professionals with at least 15 year financial translation experience.

All translators working on financial documents will be suitably qualified in the required area, such as financial forecasts, balance sheets or any other discipline if required.

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